A woman shouldn’t be judged for wanting to wear make up.

It’s not the question of her trying to impress others, its not about her feeling insecure, its about her doing what she feels like doing, Its not okay to be salty about that. 

A man shouldn’t be judged for wanting to wear make up.

I actually admire guys that wear make up, whether they are make up artists or hairdressers cause they’re doing what they love with a ‘Don’t care’ badge and I love that; they’re winning in life. 

Its not okay to judge them about liking make up. If they want to wear make up, they can. If they want to look good for someone – guess what? They can.
They definitely shouldn’t be judged for not wanting to wear make up. 

This is like universal truth by now, 

She can sit in her pyjamas looking like she swam in a sea of cheetos. That’s beautiful to her and she’s comfortable you shouldn’t be judging her but Join her, If you want.

He can pass up the ‘smoke meet’ sit at home and play sims  wearing his favourite faded T-shirt, that’s manly enough and beautiful to him, you shouldn’t be judging but Join him, if you want. 

The impression that forms in your mind right after I say no make up, is literally someone with lesser make up. 

NO – no make up is when you wake up with acne, freckles, dark circles and eye bags: they’re imperfections but they’re beautiful.

So, you want to wear make up? That’s okay.

You don’t wanna wear make up? That’s okay.


The F word.

We dont need feminism” they say, as if the girl filled with fear to near her male peers – does not exist.
We dont need feminism” they say, as if the woman walking down the street at night wearing her heart on her sleeve with fright – does not exist.
We dont need feminism” they say, as if the girl that falls in love recklessly, hiding her heart afraid of society – does not exist.
We dont need feminism” they say, as if the girl with a style statement, that hides it in fear of being society’s disappointment.- does not exist.
We dont need feminism” they say, as if the millions of woman that are fighting for equal rights and their place in society day and night – don’t exist.

But let me tell you,
The day a woman is free from society’s judgment, intimidation, suppression and discrimination.
The day she can work free and safe with her head held high, setting an example for the nation.
They day they don’t say “we don’t need feminism”.
The day newspapers don’t border each page with Rape stories outlined with cynicism.
They day women and men are treated equally.
The day they understand the true meaning of feminism.
Is the day we won’t need to fight anymore.

We’d live in a world where there’s no room for judgement
No scope for condescending women.
She’s not inferior
She’s not weak
If Shallow minds and backward thoughts went,
We’d live in a world with equal rights for women and men.
Day by day we get busier,
But lets not forget to speak.

“We dont need Feminism, until we no longer need to fight for respect”

Pillar of Support.

If you are heterosexual and you support LGBT rights, there’s an 85% chance that you’ve had your sexuality questioned.

Its okay if someone genuinely wants to know whether you are straight but most people believe that only those who belong to the LGBT community support them and that if you support gay rights and you clarify that you are in fact straight – your’re lying.

This thought is another narrow aspect that we deal with while discussing gay rights.

There are no  norms or rules that imply only people who are homosexual must support justice pertaining to LGBT, or everyone that supports them and claims to be straight is essentially homosexual.

Say, i support my favorite team in a particular sport; that doesn’t make me a part of their team, i needn’t be a part of them or have anything in common apart from the hope to win in the game. Similarly, straight people can support their gay friends or gay people who they don’t even know without essentially being Gay.

Our sexuality must not be a criterion to stand for justice.

In India especially, there is a social stigma attached to even mentioning people belonging  to the LGBT community, what bothers me is that straight people are brainwashed into thinking that they cannot have friends who are gay or support gay rights merely because they would be mistaken as being gay.

Parents think their daughter/son hanging out with a gay person will influence them in the ‘wrong’ way, honestly i do not understand how many times this has to be said before people actually get it –   It’s not a choice, its not something you can be talked into and NO it is not a disorder.It’s not contagious.

your sexual orientation shouldn’t matter when you support someone’s right to fall in love with a person of whichever gender they prefer. 

So, its okay to openly support Gay rights it doesn’t make you gay (if you’re straight) and after your friend comes out as gay, you are not obligated to ask them if they are attracted to you (if you are of their gender). Don’t make them regret who they are, and don’t make them regret your friendship.









Monthly Mania

Periods. Mensuration. Blood. Uterus.
If you were disgusted by the first four words written in this article – you especially, do not leave and Read this fully.
So, its okay to talk about guys and their sexual fantasies and desires openly and on public forums but God Forbid; when a friend asks me if i am okay, i tell him i have my periods.
So, its okay to post pictures of women  that are objectifying, but a picture of a leak will be taken down as it is against ‘community guidelines’.
Periods isn’t a bad word, its a natural phenomena. It is definitely not sexual and for those who think it is, boy do i have news for you : (All the surcasm following, is intended)
1. When you tell a guy that you have your periods, he doesn’t get turned on.
2. ” Guys dont want to hear about your periods” well damn, then send me chocolate everyday while im menstruating or i shall bleed on all your belongings. 🙂
3. “menstruating means that you are a mature women” and you think they dont already know that, great. Not ignorant at all.
4. “They don’t want the gory details” well, then would they like details about my inner wear? Sure that’s perfectly acceptable and boy willl be boys. 🙂
But it does not once occur to you that girls will be girls and that no matter how well behaved we are we cant help bleeding just so we can keep the frekin human race alive. Yes, you’re welcome.

Its okay for women to openly buy tampons and sanitary requirements publicly, no i do not require a black polythene bag.
Its perfectly fine for Men and boys to buy sanitary pads for their mothers, wives, sisters, friends, girlfriends or relatives. No, nobody thinks its for them, its not disgusting.
Its about time we do away the social taboo about mensuration,
its the 21st century you shouldn’t be worried about the fact that people know about  overflowing pads, you should be worried they dont know about the seriousness about overflowing oceans.
It definitely does not make us impure (Religious people who think its impure, im looking at you)
Basically why some religious scriptures or norms might suggest that women who are mensurating must sit away and not participate in household chores is because, when a women is mensurating she obviously is already going through great pain and physical exertion will only aggrevate it, also they are suggested to sit away because literally anything can set a women off when she’s on her period – pretty much like a granade so its for your own good.
If it does infact bother you, its time you got your head out of the gutter.

China > you.

We meet a lot of wonderful people when in our daily endeavours, in school, at work or just through Random social interactions.
We also tend to meet a lot of people we thought were brilliant but turned out to be everything you consider to be the worst aspect of humanity, Does it ever baffle you?
I know i am blow away at how you mistake people to be your friends, you mistake them to be your soulmates and you actually think they care but the end result is some fake hypocrite who runs behind popularity.
When we make friends, we trust them and expect them to meet basic humane standards like for example – not talk behind our backs, not try to separate friends, not take sides, except us for who we are.  ( ’cause if they dont like who we are lets just not be friends – CrAzY theory?)
Is this just me or do other humans too expect to be friends with humans and not pieces of shit? ‘Cause we come across so many of these people who would do anything … For themselves and their own good no matter how much you do for them and how much you tolerate their arrogant hypocrisy.
We meet immature people and by immeture i do not mean children, this isnt defined by age its defined by open minded personalities as opposed to narrow minded people with the most shallow ideologies and cheap tactics.
So, the immature people will try to play cheap games and keep their ego afloat, try to degrade you based on your looks (shallow aspect), try to ‘acquire’ your friends on their ‘side’ (as they like to call it), definitely try to block you on social media (cause some people never grow up- immature as i said) .
Beware they will be disguised as the most Angelic beings who share the same open minded and society oriented views as you but really their minds were literally made of garbage and gutter slime.
What you need to do when you come across such people is maintain a distance from them for about 2 (preferably more) years and then when they start acting up and being immeture, go tell them :
“China is greater than you, atleast they aren’t as fake”.
*sit back and watch the car crash chaos in their eyes*


Its about time we address the ruler of  self image issues for people of all Genders.


what is beauty ? ( this is of course not the literary definition, it is a simple ideology)

Beauty is both within and outside, it is based on personality, attitude, actions just as much as you think it is defined by physical appearance.

It is for a fact known that people ( no matter what size, colour) are beautiful. I’am not saying that physical appearance is not to be considered about a person, yes it can be admired but the fact is that everybody’s appearance is beautiful. we need to understand that fat and thin, dark and fair are just descriptions not labels, not bad words, definitely not insults. your’re not too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, too dark, too pale. Fat is not synonymous to unhealthy, thin is not synonymous to malnutrition, dark does not equate to unattractive neither does pale, and you’ll fit in  if you’re tall or short, it doesn’t matter; what matters is that you know that you’re beautiful.

“There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in proportion” – FRANCIS BACON

It doesn’t MATTER if you have braces, acne, freckles, dark spots, blackheads, facial hair ( supposedly unwanted), tan skin, dry skin, oily skin, curly hair, frizzy hair, and many more beautiful features that you think makes you less beautiful; that’s what society wants you to believe , are you really going to let the opinions of shallow minded people alter the way you think about yourself?

Let me put it this way – mountains are beautiful, so is the cloak of snow they adorn. brooks are beautiful, so are lilies in a pond. The ocean is vast and yet stunningly beautiful, it too comes in various shades. The roots of trees are beautiful,  though they aren’t seen most of the time. The sun is beautiful, so is the moon; some people may just have a preference for either one. all this is nature, and all this is varied, all this is beautiful. 

say, if someone where to claim that they thought the sun was not beautiful, that its heat made it less beautiful and that  sunsets are ugly- what would you do? would you pity the sun? or would you simply laugh at their shallow and futile attempts to diminish the value and beauty of nature?

so, that’s exactly what you have to do when people try to diminish your beauty. Now, for people that tell you that you are not in fact beautiful i.e the raisin brains.

The raisin brains lack development in thought and continue to live in denial and with their internet explorer of a mind. These creatures are also innately cowards that are shallow and have not evolved enough to understand beauty yet decide to talk about it.

Next time when you come across a raisin brain that provides you with unnecessary filth, don’t waste your time in trying to explain the concept of beauty, just send it the link to this article – help a raisin brain discover itself, save a life.

//you’re all made of stardust, and if that’s not beautiful then i don’t know what is //





She hid something from the world, her emotions-buried deep inside. So hurt that the warmth has faded,so used to loneliness that affiliation is unpleasant. So detached that she can’t let her guard down even for a minute. She told others the things she needs to tell herself. No one ever got closer, the one’s that did, never returned.

A mysterious island,  an exploited gold mine guarded with the ghosts of tourists. Fear of the past repeating itself 🔂

As the island she is isolated, the hope that someone just as lost might come along and make home there, keeps the island afloat.

These ideas ever so conflicting hover over the island fogging its skies.