I met a stranger on the bus,

The old lady smiled at me with child-like twinkling eyes

So i smiled back without a fuss, 

she showed me a framed piece of cloth and asked me if it was nice.

The cloth had exquisite embroidery designs, 

Scattered across a pale backdrop.

She explained to me the nuances of each line,

She had learned all that, in a skill workshop.

Having lost her son, to a horrible fire accident

she channelled her energy towards art, like sacrament.

As she proudly looked at her piece of work, 

A huge smile streaked across her face. 

She has taught me that when dark times lurk, 

Its the simple joys of life that we must chase

She probably went home and hung the framed embroidery in her son’s room,

Next to the all the other embroidery she had done.

The simple joys of life will help us bloom,

and no more worries, we shall have none.

Maybe every noon she sits on her armchair, looking at the wall with the frames;

Thinking about how a part of her son is still alive in them.

The simple joys of life need to be enjoyed without shame,

For without them life would just be mayhem.


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