See the best in everything and everyone around you, there are flaws in all that exists.
Be deeply in love with the idea of embracing our flaws and imperfections that’s what makes us human after all. Its okay to laze around all day, its  okay to lose your temper sometimes, its okay to want be away from social interactions, its okay to be you. Your imperfections are beautiful and you have to love them; you have to love  your imperfections and those of others’ that’s what connects us, that’s what makes us human. 

Its okay to want to let go of things as they are right now  and want to travel, its okay to be your vulnerable self, its okay. 

Life through pink glasses, because we are all in love with each others emotions, dreams, imperfections, talents, interests, amusements. 

Don’t take these beautiful things that connect you to the world for granted, cherish them, love them.


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