We all venture far and wide for the things we can find within. 

Like happiness through emotional stability, ‘some one like home’ and most importantly peace. We find peace in the 2 AM laughter we share with our bestfriends but the truth is that we never really outlive those moments, we tend to still throwback to the moments that make our  hearts giggle like children.

What we need to understand is that sometimes, we have to let go not forget but “let go of the thought that things are the same as they were before”. We meet strangers on the bus and when they help us out and pass our ticket or even just smile at us – we feel a sense of  innocent happiness; we do not however, get hurt if they don’t get on the bus the next day, we live in the moment and cherish the beauty of that temporary happiness – spread it by smiling at another stranger.

Its hard sometimes to forget those who left, to forget those people who you thought were one with your soul; Realise that your soul is independent. People come and go but never let that weaver your vibe; they are like sunsets in that aspect, purple on somedays but somedays red like  flushed cheeks, Orange on somedays but just light blue on others. They’re moody and different you may not like them on all days but there’s nothing you can do, but cherish the days your favourite colour is painted across the sky.

We venture far and wide for the happiness we can find within by learning the art of ‘living in the moment’ and not clinging on to other souls. We all have a little bit of  nomad in us, let that nomad grow into a soul which knows that Nothing lasts forever, keep on moving. 


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