Pillar of Support.

If you are heterosexual and you support LGBT rights, there’s an 85% chance that you’ve had your sexuality questioned.

Its okay if someone genuinely wants to know whether you are straight but most people believe that only those who belong to the LGBT community support them and that if you support gay rights and you clarify that you are in fact straight – your’re lying.

This thought is another narrow aspect that we deal with while discussing gay rights.

There are no  norms or rules that imply only people who are homosexual must support justice pertaining to LGBT, or everyone that supports them and claims to be straight is essentially homosexual.

Say, i support my favorite team in a particular sport; that doesn’t make me a part of their team, i needn’t be a part of them or have anything in common apart from the hope to win in the game. Similarly, straight people can support their gay friends or gay people who they don’t even know without essentially being Gay.

Our sexuality must not be a criterion to stand for justice.

In India especially, there is a social stigma attached to even mentioning people belonging  to the LGBT community, what bothers me is that straight people are brainwashed into thinking that they cannot have friends who are gay or support gay rights merely because they would be mistaken as being gay.

Parents think their daughter/son hanging out with a gay person will influence them in the ‘wrong’ way, honestly i do not understand how many times this has to be said before people actually get it –   It’s not a choice, its not something you can be talked into and NO it is not a disorder.It’s not contagious.

your sexual orientation shouldn’t matter when you support someone’s right to fall in love with a person of whichever gender they prefer. 

So, its okay to openly support Gay rights it doesn’t make you gay (if you’re straight) and after your friend comes out as gay, you are not obligated to ask them if they are attracted to you (if you are of their gender). Don’t make them regret who they are, and don’t make them regret your friendship.










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