Monthly Mania

Periods. Mensuration. Blood. Uterus.
If you were disgusted by the first four words written in this article – you especially, do not leave and Read this fully.
So, its okay to talk about guys and their sexual fantasies and desires openly and on public forums but God Forbid; when a friend asks me if i am okay, i tell him i have my periods.
So, its okay to post pictures of women  that are objectifying, but a picture of a leak will be taken down as it is against ‘community guidelines’.
Periods isn’t a bad word, its a natural phenomena. It is definitely not sexual and for those who think it is, boy do i have news for you : (All the surcasm following, is intended)
1. When you tell a guy that you have your periods, he doesn’t get turned on.
2. ” Guys dont want to hear about your periods” well damn, then send me chocolate everyday while im menstruating or i shall bleed on all your belongings. 🙂
3. “menstruating means that you are a mature women” and you think they dont already know that, great. Not ignorant at all.
4. “They don’t want the gory details” well, then would they like details about my inner wear? Sure that’s perfectly acceptable and boy willl be boys. 🙂
But it does not once occur to you that girls will be girls and that no matter how well behaved we are we cant help bleeding just so we can keep the frekin human race alive. Yes, you’re welcome.

Its okay for women to openly buy tampons and sanitary requirements publicly, no i do not require a black polythene bag.
Its perfectly fine for Men and boys to buy sanitary pads for their mothers, wives, sisters, friends, girlfriends or relatives. No, nobody thinks its for them, its not disgusting.
Its about time we do away the social taboo about mensuration,
its the 21st century you shouldn’t be worried about the fact that people know about  overflowing pads, you should be worried they dont know about the seriousness about overflowing oceans.
It definitely does not make us impure (Religious people who think its impure, im looking at you)
Basically why some religious scriptures or norms might suggest that women who are mensurating must sit away and not participate in household chores is because, when a women is mensurating she obviously is already going through great pain and physical exertion will only aggrevate it, also they are suggested to sit away because literally anything can set a women off when she’s on her period – pretty much like a granade so its for your own good.
If it does infact bother you, its time you got your head out of the gutter.


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