China > you.

We meet a lot of wonderful people when in our daily endeavours, in school, at work or just through Random social interactions.
We also tend to meet a lot of people we thought were brilliant but turned out to be everything you consider to be the worst aspect of humanity, Does it ever baffle you?
I know i am blow away at how you mistake people to be your friends, you mistake them to be your soulmates and you actually think they care but the end result is some fake hypocrite who runs behind popularity.
When we make friends, we trust them and expect them to meet basic humane standards like for example – not talk behind our backs, not try to separate friends, not take sides, except us for who we are.  ( ’cause if they dont like who we are lets just not be friends – CrAzY theory?)
Is this just me or do other humans too expect to be friends with humans and not pieces of shit? ‘Cause we come across so many of these people who would do anything … For themselves and their own good no matter how much you do for them and how much you tolerate their arrogant hypocrisy.
We meet immature people and by immeture i do not mean children, this isnt defined by age its defined by open minded personalities as opposed to narrow minded people with the most shallow ideologies and cheap tactics.
So, the immature people will try to play cheap games and keep their ego afloat, try to degrade you based on your looks (shallow aspect), try to ‘acquire’ your friends on their ‘side’ (as they like to call it), definitely try to block you on social media (cause some people never grow up- immature as i said) .
Beware they will be disguised as the most Angelic beings who share the same open minded and society oriented views as you but really their minds were literally made of garbage and gutter slime.
What you need to do when you come across such people is maintain a distance from them for about 2 (preferably more) years and then when they start acting up and being immeture, go tell them :
“China is greater than you, atleast they aren’t as fake”.
*sit back and watch the car crash chaos in their eyes*


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