why we hate Mondays.

“All good things come to an end” these are wise words,we might have encountered in our lives, they hold a deeper meaning than that which they surface on. A finish line, marks the end of a race ; whereas the starting line marks a great deal of things – the demand for full concentration and enthusiasm, unpredictable obstacles and most importantly a major start.Now let us compare this race track with a ‘week of the weak’ i.e when the racer has to run through the track for the first time, he feels comfortable and energetic but imagine the same track being run on by a racer that has God knows how many laps to run without a strategic plan- now that, is the position of a common man reliving the routine week. The finish line/lap end is obviously compared to weekends (greeted almost like your favourite aunt that lends you money on festivals)  and of course – unwelcomed ‘Mondays’ a.k.a. The startline (almost like the grumpy aunt that gets you into trouble and forces you to eat your greens).
Well, yes we do have the occasional positive outlook on Mondays but behind all those profile pictures and instagram posts, we know deep down in our hearts, that we despise Mondays.
I think that the best example of a Monday can be derived from the story of ‘Cinderella’. Now here, the mighty and extravagant deck up of the of the Royal Ball is our weekend celebration and the dreaded 12:00am is pretty much like our Mondays. We play the very significant role of Cinderella here, the otherwise dressed-in-drab(us on a weekday) transforms into a heavenly representation of beauty (us on weekends) and diminishes to the role of a maid once again when the clock strikes ’12’ (Monday,Monday, Monday).
Whoever said, fairy-tales were frivolous?
They carry hints of what to expect from adult life, and that is why it plays an integral part of A child’s life. So that, we don’t end up with the thought that must have passed our minds many times now – “I didn’t sign up for this”.
Mondays, they don’t come with a ‘T&C apply’, we would have definitely developed the habit of actually reading the t&c, if Mondays had them. This is why the seed of hatred is planted.


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