You feel the need to do something but your senses have an agenda of their own; they prefer to stay put, like catatonia.
What is this boredom?
Its unquenchable thirst and hunger of a wild hog must be dealt with before you do something stupid- before you click delete.
A lack of purpose perhaps, a thirst for knowledge, a sudden frenzy for productivity but you don’t know where to go, nothing, no amount of activity will suffice.
It feels like Insomnia.
The insomnia in the middle of the day, only your inner desire to do What satisfies your thirst for knowledge and purpose can cure this general unrest.
The answer is simple:
When it hits you, it is definite               that you will stumble.
Get up and get going – search.
Search for as long as you need, until your thirst is quenched.


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